Cancellations en disclaimer

Cancellations & refunds 
The local organising committee hopes that everyone who registers for the conference will be able to attend; however, we know that extenuating circumstances do occur. The cancellation and refund policies are as follows:

Registrants cancelling on or before 6 weeks before the conference is refundable, but subject to a €50 administrative fee.
Registrants cancelling on or after 6 weeks before the conference will not receive a refund. The refund and cancellation policy will not be waived. Registration fees may be transferred to another individual; the invoice for the new registration will be revised to reflect the new registrant's status.
In the event that the committee must cancel the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the cost of registration. However, we do not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.
Unforeseen Circumstances Defined for Refund and Cancellation Policies:

Unforeseen circumstances are used to describe an event that is unexpected and prevents organisation from continuing with a conference, training, or webinar. Examples of such circumstances can include, but are not limited to, inclement weather or other natural disasters, site unavailability, technology challenges, and presenter absence.

Although BlueBox Events (BBE) will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that services provided for the Conference are supplied, the supply of such services is not within BBE's control, and so it shall not be liable in any way to the participant for any loss or damage if any of such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available. The participant shall not be entitled to any allowance in respect of sums paid or due under this Agreement. BBE takes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of any supplier of products or services (exclusive or otherwise) to the participants (including without limitation the participants) or for inaccurate copy instructions. BBE shall have no liability to the participants for any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of any act or omission of such suppliers.

The Conference organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any property, whatever the cause may be. Liability of persons and enterprises providing means of transportation or other services, however, remains unaffected. Should, for any reason outside the organisers' control (e.g. political or economic circumstances or in the case of a 'force majeure') the venue or speakers change, or the event be cancelled, the organisers will endeavour to re-schedule, but shall not be held responsible for any costs, damages or expenses incurred by registrants. If for any reason the organisers decide to make material changes to this Conference, they are not responsible for airfares, hotels or other costs incurred by the participants. The customer takes part in the Conference, all tours and trips, at its own risk. Only written arrangements are binding. By taking part in this event, you grant the Conference organisers full rights to use the images resulting from the photos videos filming. These images/videos could be broadcasted in the different digital channels with informative aims. Only written arrangements are binding.

The validity, performance and interpretation of these general terms and conditions shall be governed by Dutch law.

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